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I can't believe how much they are growing on me.

Dear Dr. Yuriko,

My Riegel telescope dentures are truly wonderful! Day in and day out they function as a part of my body. Thank you so much, Dr. Yuriko. Not only for treating me, but also for being my dentist.
I am writing about my experience so that it can be used as a reference by other people who are worrying about the condition of their teeth.

How I came across Inaba Dental Office
My teeth have had problems since I was a child, but I was always afraid of the dentist.
I know I should have visited the dentist a few times every year, but I don't even remember the face of the dentist I was going to or even how his examination room was decorated! (I must have been terrified. It's quite a mystery.)

When I was around 30 years old, I mustered up my courage and spent a whole year getting my upper and lower jaw treated. At that time, the lower jaw, in which I recently had false teeth put in at Inaba Dental Office, needed a bridge for the molars on the left and the right. Since that time, I had gone in for overall checkups and plaque removal about once every 3 months, and I was able to avoid any major treatment for about 10 years.

When I was about 43 years old, I remember feeling an awkwardness in the teeth on one side of my jaw while eating, (I think it was while eating something hard?) I went to the dentist and he told me that my bridge was broken.

I had to get partial dentures but they hurt so bad that I could not bite. The teeth supporting the clasps that were holding my false teeth in place began to hurt so bad so I eventually gave up on even wearing my dentures. It became harder and harder for me to continue to go to the same clinic even though I had always gone for scheduled checkups before. It is no wonder the bridge on the other side broke as well after one year since I was chewing everything on that side of my mouth (by that time, I had completely stopped using my dentures).

As you would expect, I began to think about various ways to take care of this. I visited a clinic to discuss getting implants, but it became clear that implants were not a viable option. (I would have needed multiple surgeries to increase the amount of bone in my jaw so that I had a place to stick the implants in. This part of the treatment alone would have taken a year and a half and there was no guarantee that it would have worked.) Also, at that time, my fear of dentists came back strong. It was so scary. I couldn't even look at the dentist's face when talking to him. I started to look all over for information about dentures and that is when I found the homepage for Inaba Dental Office!

At Inaba Dental Office
I was a little lost at first because the clinic is so far from where I live. But after reading the information of the homepage I decided that I should try to go in for consultation. That was when I first decided to come in.

My first meeting time meeting Dr. Yuriko!
She kindly listened to my history and my worries and politely answered my questions. After that she explained to me, what she thought would be the best treatment for me at the time and also down the road. I was so relieved after she explained to me clearly all of these things and told me how long treatment would take and how it would proceed. All of my anxieties were put to rest and I felt like I could leave everything to Dr. Yuriko.
So I decided to begin treatment on my next visit.

I went to the clinic at a pace of once every 1 or 2 months (She was very sensitive to the fact that I lived far away and insisted that we schedule appointments that did not conflict with my schedule, even if this made her schedule more busy) and within half of a year my dentures (Riegel telescope) were complete. This concludes the story of how I got my dentures.

The reason why I felt safe leaving everything to Dr. Yuriko was not only that she made me a wonderful set of dentures (they gave me a better bite and are protecting my remaining teeth), but also she, her staff, and the clinic in general provided such a warm atmosphere. Every time I went there, I felt more courageous. In fact, the first time I ever shed tears before a doctor as an adult was at Inaba Dental Office.

And those tears were not because I was afraid, but because I was so happy. The treatment itself was superb but what was more was that they were concerned about how I would spend the next day after treatment without any inconveniences. When treatment went smooth and finished before schedule, they always tried to help me enjoy Tokyo, since I had come from so far. They always made me feel warm and welcome even though I was far from home.

Everyone probably has their own way of choosing a doctor, but I can truly say that the doctors at this clinic are happy to be dentists and put themselves in the patients' shoes in order to provide the best treatment possible. For this reason, I feel very lucky to have met the playful (Sorry, Dr. Yuriko! This is going to get out when you see my blog!) and wonderful Dr. Yuriko. I have complete faith that she is a doctor to whom I can entrust my well-being.

And I will also talk a little about my dentures, which are the main point of this write-up (I received Riegel telescope treatment but since the front teeth in my lower jaw didn't need treatment, I have those covered with outer caps and they are acting as support for my lower dentures which work kind of like a full detachable bridge).
It has only been one month since finishing treatment, but every day my body gets more used to these dentures. It is quite surprising.
The first 10 days or so there was a slight awkwardness, but there was practically no pain and I was able to bite (the first day after treatment I jumped right into a bowl of beef tendon curry). Rather, my bite felt stronger than when I had my bridges, and I have become more able to enjoy meals with each passing day.
I am looking forward to see just how much more these dentures become a part of my body!

*All feedback from patients on this website are the personal reflections of the patients and experiences may differ from case to case.

There is no pain, they don't come out, and they perform in top condition every day. (woman in her 30s, Chiba)

Happy New Years.
Thank you for all of your assistance last year.
I am always so grateful that I came across Inaba Dental Office and Dr. Yuriko.

It has been about 2 years I think. There I was thinking that there was no other choice but to go see the dentist. I put it off a day, a month, a year... I really didn't like going to see the dentist. The pain of filing and anesthesia was enough to traumatize me when I was a kid.

I had lost my front teeth and was lost at what to do. That is when I took a leap in the dark and started searching the net. I found Inaba Dental Office. I read the homepage from beginning to end and thought, 'Wow, I am not the only one'. So I decided to go in for free counseling with Dr. Yuriko. I still remember her smile now. She listened to me complain about my fear of dentists and quenched my fearful heart by saying, 'It's OK. We will fix you up wonderfully.' With those words I decided to leave everything in her hands and undergo treatment.

She had to extract my bad teeth and I needed some filing... She needed to do to me all the things I hated, but I was shocked that it didn't hurt at all! All I could think is, 'Are you kidding me? That is it?'
Everything proceeded smoothly and it was time to have a mold taken. I was worrying about nausea, but just like that I was able to get through the process with no bumps.

Only once did I need to have my dentures adjusted to take care of a spot that hurt. Other than that my dentures have been performing in top condition. Dr. Yuriko, I am now able to enjoy meals again (*^_^*). And what's more is that I never worry about the way my mouth looks.
I was fortunate enough to not have to experience insurance-covered dentures, so I cannot say much to compare them to the telescope system. But from reading the homepage, and hearing about the number of people who come to the clinic with multiple sets of dentures, I don't really have much faith in them. I can imagine that a lot of people are having a lot of problems with their insurance dentures.

I take them out so infrequently that I forget that they are even in at times. This just goes to show that German telescope dentures are excellent quality.
There is no pain, they don't come out (sometimes it is actually quite hard to get them off (^^)), and they perform in top condition every day.
It is thanks to Dr. Yuriko and the staff of Inaba Dental Office that I, who used to hate dentists, was able to come in.
Dr. Yuriko's kind words, 'It's OK. Things will certainly get better', give her patients confidence.
I was also really happy for the staff's incredible thoughtfulness. (When I had to call in and cancel an appointment due to my father needing surgery because of an illness, the staff said to me, 'Take care of yourself and best wishes to your father'. When I came in later the staff inquired about his health again. This really made me feel cared for and I was taken aback by their kindness.)

*Cases introduced on the website are completely unique to the patients and actual results may vary.

I never imagined there could be dentures this wonderful!

When I was 33 years old, I lost all of my teeth except for the lower front ones. At the time, I was so chagrined that I thought I was better off dead.

The first dentures I had made were covered by insurance. The front teeth were so large that it hurt to leave them in. In addition, the lower partial dentures didn't fit and I had to go in for adjustments time and time again. At last, I decided to give up on dentures completely. I couldn't enjoy meals and I gradually lost weight. I even was admitted to the hospital due to malnutrition and weakness.
While in the hospital, I had a set of dentures made by the oral surgeon thinking, 'for the time being they will do'. This time the teeth were too small. In fact, you couldn't even see my front teeth. Even still, I used them anyways. A short time after I was remitted, I began to have trouble again with not being able to bite into hard things, having my dentures fall out when biting with my front teeth, and everyone being able to tell I have dentures because of the visible metal springs.

It was so trying that I decided to search the internet for a place that would make me a better set of dentures. I came across Inaba Dental Office over and over again. After thoroughly reading the contents of your homepage, I decided that I wanted new dentures, and then asked my mother and began counseling with Dr. Inaba.
I was able to tell Dr. Inaba about my anxieties and all the inconveniences I had been through up until now. She told me my next set of dentures would solve my problems and so I stopped worrying.

I had Strack dentures made for my upper jaw and Riegel telescope dentures made for my lower jaw. Both are systems developed in Germany.
When I finally tried eating with them, I was amazed that no food got stuck! At first they were a little tight, but I was able to have them adjusted. In the 2 weeks after my dentures were completed, I have had the doctor make time for me to have them adjusted 8 times. 'You will get used to them as you wear them.' Of course I believe the doctor, but every time I would sing (I love to sing), my full dentures on the upper jaw would fall out. Each time that happened I was able to have my dentures quickly adjusted. The doctor must have been sick of me since I mailed her saying, 'It hurts there', 'It hurts here' many times hoping to get this problem taken care of. She always responded with, 'It's OK', which really put me at ease.
The last time I went in to get them adjusted, I had the Riegel telescope lever fixed (It was hard to manipulate the lever with my finger) because it was hard to get the dentures off. For my lower teeth, the front teeth are acting as the support for my dentures. And they never fall out! I can eat anything with them, even the hardest foods.

At night when I go to bed, I wash them up real nice, put them back in, and sleep with them in. They don't feel awkward at all. I never imagined there could be dentures so wonderful. 'It will take some time to get used to them.' That is what the doctor told me, but I was able to eat normally from the first day that I had them put in. Of course I eat many various types of food. There isn't the slightest awkwardness at all.

At first, I had a hard time pronouncing my words, but after about 2 weeks, I got used to it. My whole family was surprised after the 8th adjustment. My upper jaw Strack dentures stopped falling out when I sang, and the lower Riegel telescope dentures stopped feeling awkward.
I am most grateful for how quickly the doctors took care of me and treated me politely. There is no dental clinic like this one. They even had reassuring words for people like me with anxiety and for that I am very grateful.

I am sure that I will be able to use dentures made at Dr. Inaba's place for many years. I am looking forward to using them for that long. I have regained the ability to smile with my mouth wide open. My whole family tells me that they look like my real teeth. I actually enjoying showing the off to people. I will use them to eat plenty of delicious food and regain my health!

Even my mother who hates dentists says, 'If I get cavities I'll have them taken care of at Dr. Inaba's place'. Thank you so much. I look forward to your extended care.

*Cases introduced on the website are completely unique to the patients and actual results may vary.

It was even better than I had imagined (45 year old man, Fukuoka)

We received a thank you mail from a patient who had received telescope treatment from us a few days prior. We were very happy to hear about his joyful experience. Thank you for the mail. m(__)m

Dear Dr. Yuriko Inaba, from Inaba Dental Office,

Hello. Thank you so much for your help the other day.
At first, there was a slight awkward feeling in my mouth, but as each day passes, it lessens and all I keep thinking to myself is, 'Wow! These things are great!"
They are even better than I expected. I truly am happy to have found such a wonderful treatment and to have had you and your team take care of me.

At first when I finally acknowledged that I needed dentures (up until then the roots of my teeth that were supporting my crowns were almost completely gone) I was told to consider implants. The more I searched the more it became difficult to retain the idea that I should try to preserve what is left of my roots. But I was also worried about the trouble of talking in front of people, and having to consider what I eat with my dentures at the time. These worries were never-ending... It was quite depressing.

My dentures used to fly out when I sneezed (like a comedy routine), and I remember when I was a child in the countryside seeing an elderly relative washing food particles from his dentures (at the time I was thoroughly disgusted with the scene). Never did I think that someday that person would be me.
With all these things in my head, I happened to stumble upon your homepage (I bookmarked it) and read everything I could from beginning to end. I decided that your treatment method is my best chance and I came in directly to hear an explanation of the procedure, which further strengthened my resolve (before that, I had gone to a hospital offering implants and heard what they had to say just in case).

I am truly pleased. The dentures themselves are amazing. And the dentists and staff at Inaba Dental Office are also wonderful. The environment produced by the confidence in the staff suggests that 'these dentures are top quality so we would like you to continue to use them long into the future'. It is enough so that no one has to say anything directly. You can sense everyone's dedication to their craft (I even felt like it was my responsibility to take care of my new dentures). What's more is that after having undergone treatment I have become more grateful for my dental hygienist (At first, after I had been instructed on how to brush the area between my teeth and tried it out, my gums were bleeding all over..."Is this really OK?" I wondered. But after continued brushing, I was impressed to see how strong my gums have become).

It's a little off topic but I have to say that when I heard that the telescope system itself was first developed in Germany, I immediately thought, "Oh, that makes sense".
This is because I actually ride a motorcycle (a large one). Many of my biker friends often say, "BMW motorcycles are the best". The reason why they say this is because you can still get bike parts from 30 year old models (of course the bikes from that time are out of production). And the bikes themselves are designed so that they reach peak performance after riding about 30,000 kilometers. These are just a few of the reasons these bikes are the best
I'm sure that you are aware that Germans and Japanese have different ideas concerning how to take care of things. Germans believe, "How long can I continue to use the same product?" (I bet that you never expected something as interesting as a patient deciding to get telescope dentures because of his motorcycle hobby.)

While undergoing treatment, I thought more and more strongly, "Implants may be OK too, but this (telescope system) is something I want people around me to know more about".
No matter what, people are always going to associate dentures with 'elderly people' and also look at implants as some type of 'crowns' used to buy time.
The truth is that people from my generation and ones prior really only respond to, "Actually, they are false teeth", or "I got implants", with, "Oh. Is that so?" But when it comes to dentures they may say, "What!" (I usually never tell anyone by my own volition, but should they ask...).
But, as for me, upon searching and looking into all of my options, the conclusion that I came to was, "If the foundations of my teeth (the gums and bone) are still very strong, then there is no reason for me to have to go through any further tooth loss."

I am not an expert so I could be wrong, but I was often told that I should have my teeth removed because puss was building up in my gums. I used to think, if I just need 1 or 2 then implants would be OK but if I need many implants, they may provide a temporary solution, but I couldn't trust them to last a few years or tens of years down the road? I really didn't want to imagine how terrible that time would be when it came (the image of my gums thinning out and the linking parts of my implants becoming visible, and of course all of them coming loose). In order to learn more about this I went in for an explanation before actually requesting the procedure. I was only told the conditions under which I could get implants. I went to a university hospital in Fukuoka and they told me that I would need to quit smoking before they would treat me with implants.

This is where telescope dentures are truly perfect for me. I heard that the telescope system is made 'considering that more teeth may be lost in the future' and that they can 'be adjusted or reprocessed for continued use', and, 'you can sleep with them in'. I would like to recommend to anyone who is considering dentures to pick up Inaba Dental Office's pamphlet and read up on the subject (I also recommend that you read the whole homepage. It was interesting and informative).

If you are planning to advertise this system to the younger generation (you know they are really good at spreading information through word of mouth...), I would be happy to show up and share. Also, (I'm about to go off on another tangent...) I think telescope system treatment is a much better gift than some expensive trinket for elderly parents who have trouble eating with their own full dentures. Gift your parents with these dentures to really express filial piety (this gift really would be about their health).
But, really (you must be thinking that I have turned this page into my own blog!) my experience has taught me what is good about the telescope system, and conversely, what is not so good about insurance-covered dentures. Even the dentist from Fukuoka told me straight, "This is all we can do with insurance. If you want anything better then you should look into implants or something else".
He also told me, "Nowadays the patient must pay 30 percent of the cost. It used to be 10 percent and then 20 percent. Back then patients would have new dentures made as soon as they decided theirs didn't fit anymore. That's why you can still see 'denture mailboxes' at the town hall."

Let me say in closing that I am looking forward to seeing you continuously for maintenance and I am very grateful for the treatment.

Mr. K.T., 45 year old man, Fukuoka

*Cases introduced on the website are completely unique to the patients and actual treatment periods and methods vary for each patient.

I regret not coming in sooner (59 year old man from Kawasaki, Kanagawa)

<My story>
I think it was about 7 or 8 years ago. Something was not right with my upper teeth when I bit into things. The bite was off and it hurt a lot. I asked a dentist friend of mine to treat my teeth and he got me a pair of magnetic style dentures without providing much explanation.
At first I was shocked. My teeth had always had problems so I knew that I was going to eventually have to give up and get dentures but the hold of the magnets was very weak and they slipped and came off a lot. Food would often get stuck under them and I couldn't bite.

Without any other options, I decided to have my dentures fixed and adjusted at a dental clinic close to my home. Each time I went in for maintenance, the appointment only lasted a few minutes and after about 1 year I decided to have the magnets replaced and the dentures remade.
Just like before my new dentures became loose after a few months so I grew anxious. And the magnets' hold was so weak that I might as well have had them removed completely.

Once again I was faced with no options but to seek consultation at a different more reputable dental clinic also near my home. They recommended that I should not rely on magnets and instead have a new set of dentures made.
I was told that dentures made with high quality materials would cost between 300,000 and 400,000 yen. So I decided to first try out dentures covered by insurance. At first I was impressed that the clasping strength was much greater than what I was used to, but after a few months these dentures also became loose and food often got caught in them. Also, I couldn't pronounce words correctly and it always seemed that people had a hard time listening to what I was saying. This had a detrimental effect on work and people's impression of me suffered. I was also constantly worried about my dentures falling out. The whole experience was quite stressful.
I felt bad about it, but I had to say goodbye to the dentist I had been seeing throughout that time in order to search for a solution that I could be satisfied with. There was no one in particular whom I could consult with so I began searching the web.

In my case I was told that I had bone prominence in my jaw so the oral surgeon would need to file down some of the bone before making dentures.
I was about to give up half way through, thinking 'why can't I just get normal dentures?' In the end, I searched and found that implants may be the only option for me. NHK ran a program once about the troubles and accidents associated with implants in which they reported that more than 2000 cases were brought before the National Consumer Affairs Center. So I was quite uneasy about having them put in. Also, I couldn't get a clear answer on the cost of implants. So with those questions weighing on my mind, I never took the first step. I bet people worrying like I was also searched the internet for answers.
I can imagine people, including myself, disillusioned by the whole search for the right dentures, turning to net surfing due to a lack of sources of objective information. It just goes to show how important information posted on a clinic's homepage is for patients. I'm sure patients will read your homepage in its entirety.

I am sorry for such a garbled mess of a comment. Now I will recount my meeting with Dr. Inaba.

<Inaba Dental Office>
When I was searching for a solution on the internet, the homepage for Inaba Dental Office came up often, so I have read it a lot. I especially was relieved to see the denture outpatient clinic corner and all the information available on dentures.
One sentence caught my eye and really struck me: "We believe that after experiencing our technology and the confidence of our staff you will never seek dentures from another clinic again." I really want this to be the last clinic I ever need to visit.

I visited Dr. Inaba because I didn't believe that the only option that I had was to extract my existing roots.
First, I was honestly surprised that Dr. Inaba told me that there was no problem with my bone prominence and that there was no need to extract my remaining teeth. All the dentists up until now were telling me that I needed to have my remaining teeth extracted. So I was most happy to hear Dr. Inaba tell me that these teeth could be put to use. I regret not coming in sooner.
It was a little more expensive than I thought that it would be so I was a little worried for work and whether or not it was worth it. But after hearing the doctor's explanation and that the dentures could be fixed and repaired for long-term use, my worries were put to rest. I think that over the long run, these dentures will end up costing less.

Finally I began treatment, but honestly, at first I couldn't imagine what Resilience telescope dentures would look like when they were finished. I was a little worried and wanted to know more.
Dr. Inaba used cups to demonstrate the principle behind the treatment and it was actually quite easy to understand. I was very impressed by the wonderful technology.

When I had my existing teeth fixed to act as the inner crown foundation, the dentures that I had made through insurance actually just fit and wouldn't fall off. At that point my long-held fears began to disappear and I started to feel relieved.

<And for the finished product>
+ It took 2 - 3 days to get used to the fit, but there wasn't anything I could really call pain.
+ They don't come off, or even move. It is quite difficult to take them off.
+ I can open my mouth widely to laugh and while talking.
+ Up until now people had a hard time understanding me, but now no one questions what I say.
+ The dentures I had up until now would shift or fall off when I opened my mouth wide.
+ They fit comfortably and food never gets stuck in them. My old dentures were so uncomfortable because food would often get trapped in them.
+ I can bite strong into anything. And best of all, I can enjoy the texture of all foods.
+ My teeth feel great inside my mouth. Everything feels delicious. I think it is because these dentures use my natural roots.
+ At first the teeth above my tongue felt very awkward, as if something was putting pressure on my tongue, but just as the doctor said, after about one week, this awkward feeling went away. I did feel like the lower base of the dentures could be a little thinner, but if this compromises the strength of the dentures, then it is not a problem. They are very comfortable the way they are.
+ The most important thing to me was being able to use my remaining roots. These dentures feel more like removable false teeth than a full set of dentures. I am proud that I still get to use my own teeth roots. It saves me from feeling like a helpless old man. Also, I had been feeling a lot of stress in my everyday life up until now, so to have that stress relieved has really solved my general malaise problem. Now I am free to put my brain to work.

The aforementioned account is quite long, but it is my story. I am sure that there are many people worrying just like I was with no one to talk to. Everything really depends on the patient.
That is, believe in yourself, act, and then leave the rest to chance.
I really hope that Dr. Inaba, and everyone working in cooperation with her will spread this technology. Surely many people will benefit from it.

I hope that my account can be of some use, if any at all.
Thank you, Dr. Inaba and your whole staff. I am looking forward to your continued success and I hope that the treatment you provide can spread throughout the world.
Thank you very much.

K.S. 59 year old man, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
*Cases introduced on the website are completely unique to the patients and actual treatment periods and methods vary for each patient.


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