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I regret not coming in sooner (59 year old man from Kawasaki, Kanagawa)

<My story>
I think it was about 7 or 8 years ago. Something was not right with my upper teeth when I bit into things. The bite was off and it hurt a lot. I asked a dentist friend of mine to treat my teeth and he got me a pair of magnetic style dentures without providing much explanation.
At first I was shocked. My teeth had always had problems so I knew that I was going to eventually have to give up and get dentures but the hold of the magnets was very weak and they slipped and came off a lot. Food would often get stuck under them and I couldn't bite.

Without any other options, I decided to have my dentures fixed and adjusted at a dental clinic close to my home. Each time I went in for maintenance, the appointment only lasted a few minutes and after about 1 year I decided to have the magnets replaced and the dentures remade.
Just like before my new dentures became loose after a few months so I grew anxious. And the magnets' hold was so weak that I might as well have had them removed completely.

Once again I was faced with no options but to seek consultation at a different more reputable dental clinic also near my home. They recommended that I should not rely on magnets and instead have a new set of dentures made.
I was told that dentures made with high quality materials would cost between 300,000 and 400,000 yen. So I decided to first try out dentures covered by insurance. At first I was impressed that the clasping strength was much greater than what I was used to, but after a few months these dentures also became loose and food often got caught in them. Also, I couldn't pronounce words correctly and it always seemed that people had a hard time listening to what I was saying. This had a detrimental effect on work and people's impression of me suffered. I was also constantly worried about my dentures falling out. The whole experience was quite stressful.
I felt bad about it, but I had to say goodbye to the dentist I had been seeing throughout that time in order to search for a solution that I could be satisfied with. There was no one in particular whom I could consult with so I began searching the web.

In my case I was told that I had bone prominence in my jaw so the oral surgeon would need to file down some of the bone before making dentures.
I was about to give up half way through, thinking 'why can't I just get normal dentures?' In the end, I searched and found that implants may be the only option for me. NHK ran a program once about the troubles and accidents associated with implants in which they reported that more than 2000 cases were brought before the National Consumer Affairs Center. So I was quite uneasy about having them put in. Also, I couldn't get a clear answer on the cost of implants. So with those questions weighing on my mind, I never took the first step. I bet people worrying like I was also searched the internet for answers.
I can imagine people, including myself, disillusioned by the whole search for the right dentures, turning to net surfing due to a lack of sources of objective information. It just goes to show how important information posted on a clinic's homepage is for patients. I'm sure patients will read your homepage in its entirety.

I am sorry for such a garbled mess of a comment. Now I will recount my meeting with Dr. Inaba.

<Inaba Dental Office>
When I was searching for a solution on the internet, the homepage for Inaba Dental Office came up often, so I have read it a lot. I especially was relieved to see the denture outpatient clinic corner and all the information available on dentures.
One sentence caught my eye and really struck me: "We believe that after experiencing our technology and the confidence of our staff you will never seek dentures from another clinic again." I really want this to be the last clinic I ever need to visit.

I visited Dr. Inaba because I didn't believe that the only option that I had was to extract my existing roots.
First, I was honestly surprised that Dr. Inaba told me that there was no problem with my bone prominence and that there was no need to extract my remaining teeth. All the dentists up until now were telling me that I needed to have my remaining teeth extracted. So I was most happy to hear Dr. Inaba tell me that these teeth could be put to use. I regret not coming in sooner.
It was a little more expensive than I thought that it would be so I was a little worried for work and whether or not it was worth it. But after hearing the doctor's explanation and that the dentures could be fixed and repaired for long-term use, my worries were put to rest. I think that over the long run, these dentures will end up costing less.

Finally I began treatment, but honestly, at first I couldn't imagine what Resilience telescope dentures would look like when they were finished. I was a little worried and wanted to know more.
Dr. Inaba used cups to demonstrate the principle behind the treatment and it was actually quite easy to understand. I was very impressed by the wonderful technology.

When I had my existing teeth fixed to act as the inner crown foundation, the dentures that I had made through insurance actually just fit and wouldn't fall off. At that point my long-held fears began to disappear and I started to feel relieved.

<And for the finished product>
+ It took 2 - 3 days to get used to the fit, but there wasn't anything I could really call pain.
+ They don't come off, or even move. It is quite difficult to take them off.
+ I can open my mouth widely to laugh and while talking.
+ Up until now people had a hard time understanding me, but now no one questions what I say.
+ The dentures I had up until now would shift or fall off when I opened my mouth wide.
+ They fit comfortably and food never gets stuck in them. My old dentures were so uncomfortable because food would often get trapped in them.
+ I can bite strong into anything. And best of all, I can enjoy the texture of all foods.
+ My teeth feel great inside my mouth. Everything feels delicious. I think it is because these dentures use my natural roots.
+ At first the teeth above my tongue felt very awkward, as if something was putting pressure on my tongue, but just as the doctor said, after about one week, this awkward feeling went away. I did feel like the lower base of the dentures could be a little thinner, but if this compromises the strength of the dentures, then it is not a problem. They are very comfortable the way they are.
+ The most important thing to me was being able to use my remaining roots. These dentures feel more like removable false teeth than a full set of dentures. I am proud that I still get to use my own teeth roots. It saves me from feeling like a helpless old man. Also, I had been feeling a lot of stress in my everyday life up until now, so to have that stress relieved has really solved my general malaise problem. Now I am free to put my brain to work.

The aforementioned account is quite long, but it is my story. I am sure that there are many people worrying just like I was with no one to talk to. Everything really depends on the patient.
That is, believe in yourself, act, and then leave the rest to chance.
I really hope that Dr. Inaba, and everyone working in cooperation with her will spread this technology. Surely many people will benefit from it.

I hope that my account can be of some use, if any at all.
Thank you, Dr. Inaba and your whole staff. I am looking forward to your continued success and I hope that the treatment you provide can spread throughout the world.
Thank you very much.

K.S. 59 year old man, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
*Cases introduced on the website are completely unique to the patients and actual treatment periods and methods vary for each patient.

トップへ » Considering Dentures? » Hear from Our Patients » I regret not coming in sooner (59 year old man from Kawasaki, Kanagawa)