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Our Supporting Staff

Our Supporting Staff

We are one big family at Inaba Dental Office.
We always greet our patients with a big smile.

Our Supporting Staff


To patients who wish to come and visit us for treatment from abroad.

As for our responses to you coming from abroad, we contact your email address for further information on visiting plans from abroad.

Our treatment is done on appointment basis, and we can arrange your time scheduling of intensive care if you fix it prior to leaving back for home.

Our treatment plan of telescope denture system, however, will take complicated time management for production at our dental lab. It depends on clinical cases, but normally 4 time appointments will be needed from impression taking to finish.

2 or 3 weeks of well-planned and concentration of dental technician's handiwork will be needed in between production sequences. (In case of complete dentures, consecutive 3-day finish course is available.)

Normally our telescope denture system will be still difficult to finish even within one month period of your stay.

So patients who come and visit us from abroad will need to make at least 4 times of visit appointment, whichever you choose to stay or go back and come back again.

We would appreciate your consideration to keep this information in mind.

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Dr. Yuka Iba,

Dr. Yuka Iba, Dr. Iba has been my best friend since were in college. We have enjoyed many things such as taking international trips together for the last 20 years. While working at the clinic we both put on our doctor faces but when we go out together after work we like to relax and be ourselves. Dr. Iba is a wonderful dentist whom I put my whole trust in. She is kind and polite and tour patients trust her completely. She has many fans among our patients! Dr. Iba has a message for all of our patients!

This spring marks 15 years since I started working at Inaba Dental Office. Our director, Dr. Yuriko, is a superior who I have always looked up to throughout our last 20 years of studying together and being friends. And, our advisor, Dr. Shigeru Inaba, is the dentist who I respect more than anyone. Back when I was a dental student and couldn't tell left from right, he thoroughly taught me all the fundamentals of dentistry. It is thanks to Dr. Inaba that I am the dentist that I am today. After graduating Nippon Dental University and taking a position in geriatric dentistry at the adjoining university hospital, I have had the opportunity to improve my skills and practice what I have learned starting with treating elderly patients with systemic illnesses. I take the time to listen to patients' worries and requests and include them in the process of figuring out the best treatment option. My goal is to help patients through treatment as if we were one in the same person.

Dr. Yuka Iba, [Private]
I love to go on trips. In fact, just the other day I finished a 2 week trip to the South Pole. My treat to myself is leisurely spending time surrounded by nature. I enjoy long walks in the green woods, refreshing dives in the blue sea, soaking up the morning sunlight, experiencing every moment of every day in health, and gazing at the setting sun. Nature is the best!

Dr. Takahito Sato

Dr. Takahito SatoHe is our young hope, not only at Inaba Dental Office, but also at IPSG Interdisciplinary Practical Study Group. Please allow me to introduce Dr. Takahito Sato. Studying is his hobby. At least that is what it looks like since he faithfully attends our research meetings every weekend to improve his skills (haha). Many patients come from far off places, including overseas, to be treated by Dr. Sato. I find it wonderful how diligent Dr. Sato is in arranging his own affairs around his patients' schedules to make sure that they feel taken care of. In his private life he is good at making people laugh with his impressions. Here is a message from Dr. Sato to all of his patients.

From the time that I was a college student up until the present, I have not only studied dentistry technology under Dr. Shigeru Inaba, our office's advisor, but have also studied the philosophy of dentistry. I started my career in the geriatric dentistry department of the Tohoku University Hospital after graduating college. There I received extensive training in various fields including oral surgery, and after that I took my position at Inaba Dental Office. In order to provide the best treatment for patients I attend research conferences and training monthly outside of my normal working hours. Oftentimes I receive feedback from my patients in the form of surveys. One comment that stood out to me said, 'I am happy that he describes the treatment process in detail as we move forward.' As the comment states, I always make it a point to advance treatment while keeping the patient's worries in mind. It is important to balance the physical health aspect of treatment with the mental aspect. I believe that through this, not only can I provide the best possible treatment for my patients, but also my patients can see that I include them in even the most trivial aspects of treatment. This puts my patients at ease since they feel included in the treatment process.

Dr. Takahito Sato[Private]
I enjoy interacting with nature and cooking. This is how I unwind after work. On my days off I like to go to Mt. Takao in Tokyo or other natural spots. On longer vacations I like to visit onsen in Tohoku. I also like to go on hikes while in that area. I also like to make food and eat food. I get particularly fired up when enjoying barbecues in nature. Also, I like to eat whatever food is in season and my favorite is bamboo shoots in spring. Why don't you join me sometime to unwind in nature!

Dr. Kosuke Konishi

Dr. Kosuke KonishiInaba Dental Office, stage 2 of doctor introductions begins with...
Dr. Kosuke Konishi!

When I first saw the diligent Dr. Konishi studying at the IPSG Interdisciplinary Practical Study Group, led by Dr. Shigeru Inaba, our advisor, I knew that he was the dentist that we wanted to work at our office. That was 2 years ago. And finally this past April we were graced with his presence. He is very honest which is why many patients feel safe entrusting him with their treatment. It is also nice that sometimes he brings his own handmade lunch to work (haha). Dr. Konishi! We are looking forward to your hard work here ;). We also have a message from Dr. Konishi to his patients.

When I treat patients, I think of them as my own family. This means that I strive to provide the best medical care to each of my patients. Of course treatment technology is extremely important. But I prioritize communication with the patient throughout treatment above all else. Each one of my patients is my treasure and so I advise them on the best treatment methods. Provide sound support during the treatment process goes without saying. But it is after treatment is over that I believe a long-term relationship with the patient is important. Please come to me with any worries or requests that you may have. I aim to be a sensitive and friendly dentist.

Dr. Kosuke Konishi[Private]
Recently I have taken up cooking.

Actually, I am a beginner and just the other day I made hamburger for the first time in my life (haha).

I am looking forward to trying my hand at various different dishes.


Overseas Inquiries

I am resistant to the idea of getting a bridge that requires tooth filing on both sides of my mouth. (person currently residing overseas for work)
I live in Guam. Please tell me about the treatment process.
I am currently living in Singapore. How long does it take to make dentures?
I am currently living in Indonesia. I am worried because my teeth keep falling out.
What do I need to prepare and how should I contact you before returning to Japan? (person living in Canada)
What is the biggest difference between the Riegel telescope treatment method and a bridge? (50 year old living in Hawaii)


I am resistant to the idea of getting a bridge that requires tooth filing on either side of my teeth. (person currently residing overseas for work)

Q. I would like to hear your opinion about getting a single false tooth for my front tooth.
I am currently residing overseas. 10 years ago I had to get false teeth for both of my front teeth. About one week ago my left front tooth became loose and the gums around it became inflamed. I immediately headed back to Japan but on the way back the false tooth broke so I just pulled the whole thing out. I decided to get a bridge.

But I am resistant to the idea that the teeth on the left and right are going to have to be filed down. If it is possible to treat a single tooth with Riegel telescope, could you please let me know what is involved? Since you say that 'there are no visible wires', I would like to know the difference between this treatment and general false teeth that are held in by wires.

I would like to meet for consultation the next time I go back to Japan.
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

A. Thank you very much for contacting us. It must be stressful having to deal with such problems while residing overseas for work.

As far as filing goes, the Riegel telescope method requires the same amount as implants. Filing teeth does not damage them in any way. After thorough examination we would determine the best configuration for anterior guidance, fix the tooth in place as firmly as possible, and adjust for maximum functionality and esthetic beauty.

Clasp dentures with wires do not sit very firmly and they wiggle a lot. This causes the supporting teeth to wiggle as well and even the teeth next to the supporting teeth are wiggled. There is also the esthetic problem which will leave you constantly worried about your smile.

If you seek treatment at our clinic, we will try our best to reduce the number of visits you need to make here, and we can even schedule one long treatment session, set a plan, and proceed as quickly as possible.
We do not usually use Riegel telescope on cases involving only 1 tooth. It is more suited to cases of 2 or more missing teeth.

The difference between Riegel telescope and wired false teeth covered by health insurance is the fixed power. Riegel telescope dentures will not wiggle like a bridge does. Wires hold with a looser grip and surrounding teeth receive a lot of stress which may lead to further tooth loss.

Many potential patients residing overseas are hesitant to receive dental treatment. But we can conduct consultation through mail so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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